Dienstag, 25. Mai 2010

Not a single blogpost in eight days. I did nothing.

Which brings me to a topic that is still either a taboo or maybe the time is not ripe yet:
DIY and craft artists being overworked, underpaid and burnt out because they have to balance their small business, their day job, their family, their social life and doing a bit of sports now and then....
Anybody having any thoughts on this?


  1. Well, the doing nothing,
    feels Beautiful:)
    But I now that feeling very well about being burned out....
    I mean, years ago I did have a real burn out and that really takes Time and work to transform it and come up again.
    But my smaller burn out I always start realising them to late and I realise them when I sit in front of my huge supplies and have no clou what to do. What I mean with this, I call it my creative crises. Then I know, I have to fill up my Batteries.
    What do I do?
    I try to work in the Garden, that brings me back to Earth.
    I try to meet up with my Girl Friends, women talks, fill me up.
    I try to get a rest, sometimes by looking a good Movie ore reading a Book.
    And what also helps, is to share, talk to other People, bring my Body in to move with some Sport, try to eat well.....
    When everything dos not Help,
    I need to change and find out how to norige myself!

  2. This is such a funny and cool post! I totally like it!

    I didn't understand the idea of doing absolutely nothing on vacation until I spent a month in my husband's home (back then we were just friends) ten years ago. Growing up in Singapore, we had alot homework, especially during the holidays.

    There is the discipline of work, then there is the discipline of rest! And we should never feel guilty about doing nothing!